Tower of Tears

This tower, which was once part of the Amsterdam’s city wall, is called the Schreierstoren, or Weeping Tower. The building got its name because it was the place where wives and families said goodbye to sailors on their departure to sea. Centuries ago, traveling to Asia, the United States or South America took months, and ships were often attacked by enemies or pirates or sank during storms on the high seas.

One of the most famous captains to sail from here was Henry Hudson. The Englishman, who sailed on behalf of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), was the first European to travel along the East Coast of America. Not much later, the VOC established their New Amsterdam branch there: it would later be called New York. A plaque on the walls of this tower recalls this.

Today, tears still flow in the Schreierstoren, but mostly tears of joy, as many weddings are held in the restaurant that is now located here.

City map

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