Monuments & Museums

Russian art on Amstel river

This building with its large courtyard and attractive garden, Het Amstelhof, was until about 20 years ago used as a home for elderly Amsterdammers. Today, part of the collection of the famous museum The Hermitage of St. Petersburg in Russia is on display. Some paintings …

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Markets & Shops

City of diamonds

If diamond is the hardest stone there is, how do you cut it into a beautiful shiny jewel? With diamond (powder)! Amsterdam was and is a real diamond city. Everywhere in the old Jewish quarter there were large and smaller polishing factories and shops where the …

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Waterloo Square

Of all the merchants in the 17th century, one was the richest. Where most of them owned one ship with which to import valuable goods, this man had ten. With the wealth he earned, the merchant had beautiful paintings and statues made in his image and bought the most expensive furniture made of …

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