Can’t be true, but it is!
A great interactive exhibition featuring the wondrous artifacts...
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Monuments & Museums GENERAL
Can you keep a secret?
This building in the middle of the old centre, at Oudezijds Voorburgwal...
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This is Holland
A fast tour through the country
The whole of the Netherlands in one breathtaking hour. ‘This...
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Do you dare? 
This attraction is for slightly older children (you must be at...
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Monuments & Museums GENERAL
Where the cat is king
If mice deserve a museum, so do cats. Het Kattenkabinet (The...
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Canal Belt museum
In this beautiful building you can see antique dollhouses, lavish...
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Sightseeing General
Anywhere the wind blows,..
The Netherlands is famous for its cheese, clogs and…….? Correct:...
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He Hua Tempel
A flower on Zeedijk
Well… here’s a building you did not expect in the centre of Amsterdam....
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Skinny Bridge
Most famous bridge
It isn’t the biggest or most important bridge, nor was it the...
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Come in or stay out
Most buildings have one door or gate. Some important ones have...
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Areas Mint Square & Flower Market
Tulip Mania
Nowadays you can buy a bag of flower bulbs at Flower Market near...
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Tower of Tears
This tower, which was once part of the Amsterdam’s city wall,...
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Eating raw fish with your hands
Unlike other types of fish, herring is not cooked or baked, and...
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The rabbit king of Holland
When he was given the title of King of the Netherlands, after...
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Secret in the attic
However, a great secret is hidden behind the beautiful facade:...
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