National treasures

Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hals are some of the greatest painters of the 17th century. You can see their most famous works in the Gallery of Honour on the second floor of Rijksmuseum. All Dutch 18th and 19th century art (including paintings by Vincent van Gogh) can be found one floor below. The top floor is dedicated to modern art. Also check out the cannons, furniture and impressive gold and silver objects that were used by the people of Amsterdam in the Golden Age. And make sure to visit the beautiful library, the garden around the building and the drawing school where you can take drawing lessons. Also very nice: the specially developed children’s tour that takes you through six hundred years of Dutch art history in less than an hour. One of Rijksmuseum’s greatest secrets is the hidden trapdoor under the masterpiece, The Night Watch, which was constructed to quickly transport and hide the famous work of art if a crisis arose. You will find that trapdoor in the ceiling just before the exit of the colonnade under the museum.

Ask for the special children tour at the reception

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