The Biggest Little Village

New Yorkers call their city The Big Apple. Have a bite and enjoy it, they say. In The City of Lights, Paris, it never gets dark since people work, shop, eat and drink at any hour of the day. London is nicknamed The Big Smoke because its traffic creates a thick cloud over the city. […]

Royal Church

This beautiful building on Dam Square is one of the biggest churches in Amsterdam. It’s now used as an exhibition area (check online for what’s being exhibited), for royal weddings and the coronation of new kings and queens.

Little Bernie helps Mastercard’s partner WFP delivering school meals

Food is not only tasty but it also provides you with energy throughout the day and is needed to stay healthy and grow. Hopefully you don’t have to worry about having some healthy food on your plate every day. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. For more at-risk communities in countries impoverished by […]

Little Bernie lands in Amsterdam

It’s been quite a trip, but today Little Bernie finally lands in Amsterdam. With a big presentation in Het Groote Museum in ARTIS Zoo, the journey through the city begins for this remarkable flying octopus and his friends Hannah the heron, François the sea horse and starfish Okidoki. Share in his discoveries and the stories […]

Tower of Tears

This tower, which was once part of the Amsterdam’s city wall, is called the Schreierstoren, or Weeping Tower. The building got its name because it was the place where wives and families said goodbye to sailors on their departure to sea. Centuries ago, traveling to Asia, the United States or South America took months, and […]