The Biggest Little Village

New Yorkers call their city The Big Apple. Have a bite and enjoy it, they say. In The City of Lights, Paris, it never gets dark since people work, shop, eat and drink at any hour of the day. London is nicknamed The Big Smoke because its traffic creates a thick cloud over the city. […]

Leidse Square

There are many cheap pizzerias, hamburger joints, loud bars and dance halls, but also beautiful theaters and cinemas. Leidse Square is the place where (especially) younger people go at night to have a good time. If you have time, do stop at the beautiful building of the International Theatre Amsterdam; plays and  concerts are held […]

Amsterdam’s finest

One of the most beautiful department stores in the Netherlands. Take the escalator to the fourth floor to find yourself a new outfit. On the same floor beautiful toys and games are sold.

Can’t be true, but it is!

A great interactive exhibition featuring the wondrous artifacts of art, pop culture and the animal kingdom. If you tell your family and friends about what you’ve seen, learned and done at Ripley’s Amsterdam, they probably won’t believe you.

Can you keep a secret?

This building in the middle of the old centre, at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 40, doesn’t stand out. But a great secret is hidden behind its façade. If you climb the narrow stairs and pass its age-old rooms, you will discover a real church in the attic. Complete with beautiful statues, decorated columns, and a large organ. […]

The Old Church & Nieuwmarkt

This area is the oldest in town (de Oudezijds). It was built before the Golden Age (17th century) and the famous Canal Belt. The church standing in the middle has something peculiar about it. It is the oldest building in the city, so it seems quite understandable that it is now called Oude Kerk (Old […]

A fast tour through the country

The whole of the Netherlands in one breathtaking hour. ‘This is Holland’ shows all in a fun exhibition and great 5D Flight Experience about tulip fields, cities, water and land. Ready for take-off?   

Do you dare? 

This attraction is for slightly older children (you must be at least four feet, or 120 centimetres, tall) and only those with iron nerves. At the A’DAM Lookout you swing over the edge of the top floor of the A’DAM Toren for a few minutes. And that is… terrifying! In the same building, you will […]

Have it your way

Topped with hot chocolate sauce, banana or red fruits, or a savory fried egg? Or the Dutch way with syrup and powdered sugar? At Pancakes Amsterdam you can order no less than 30 different types of pancakes, American style or thin as people in Amsterdam are used to eating them.

Royal Church

This beautiful building on Dam Square is one of the biggest churches in Amsterdam. It’s now used as an exhibition area (check online for what’s being exhibited), for royal weddings and the coronation of new kings and queens.

A day of family fun

Bowling, Laser Tag and Glow in the Dark Miniature Golf. There’s fun here for the whole family and good food too! If you still have a good voice after those activities, maybe you might enjoy karaoke. Games hall Aloha is less than five minutes from Central Station. Turn right at the back of the station […]

Let it rain!

Even in summer, the weather can be quite bad in Amsterdam. Eye Film Museum is the place to be when it rains (but it’s also quite enjoyable when the weather is good). Take a look at the beautiful exhibition on the Panorama Deck and learn all there is about making a blockbuster or award-winning documentary. Or […]

Lunch in the garden

Adolph Krasnapolsky was a very successfull tailor on Nieuwendijk. With his fortune, he built one of the first hotels in the city with a beautiful Winter garden (wintertuin). The spacious and beautifully decorated hall is a great place to start the day. Ask for the special kids breakfast menu

The story of Anne Frank

Anne Frank is the most famous girl who ever lived in Amsterdam. And that is mainly due to her diary in which she wrote about her life while hiding during the Second World War. The Germans who occupied the Netherlands captured Jewish people and took them to concentration camps in Eastern Europe. Most did not […]

Museum of discoveries

Spears, swords, shields, paintings, statues, maps and photographs. This museum on the edge of Oosterpark is one big discovery. You will learn all about cultures and customs from all over the world. Keep your eyes and ears open during a tour as a ‘museum inspector’; sign up for this at the ticket office for a […]

The cooking Dutchman

The oldest and most well-known restaurant with an all-Dutch menu. This restaurant is cosy, though its name (the five flies) suggests otherwise.

Haunted house

A scary adventure that takes you back to the city’s darkest history. A tour through the Dungeon allows only children of 10 years and older. Do you dare?

Everyone loves cookies

People stand in line for more than an hour to taste their cookies. Van Stapele on Heisteeg, around the corner from Spui, has thousands of followers on social media and as many visitors to the bakery every day. Further down the road, on Runstraat, Koekemannetje has a slightly smaller line and equally tasty servings. Ask […]

Where the cat is king

If mice deserve a museum, so do cats. Het Kattenkabinet (The Cat Cabinet) is located in the Gouden Bocht (the Golden Bend), the most expensive part of Herengracht. You can see a tribute by the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, to his cat, a beautiful one by Rembrandt van Rijn and a modern representation of his furry […]

Living in the Golden Age

To learn more about the rich life in the Golden Age, you can visit several houses in the Canal Belt. Museum van Loon is by far the most beautiful. The interior of this 1671 building has been beautifully preserved, as has the art collection of its wealthy residents. The garden is also as it once […]

Canal Belt museum

In this beautiful building you can see antique dollhouses, lavish 17th-century furniture and original painted walls. But the most impressive thing about the exhibition at Grachtenmuseum (Canal Museum) is the interactive show in which the development of Amsterdam can be followed in a lightshow on a gigantic model of the Canal Belt.

Treasure hunt

From Egyptian art and Roman weapons to everything that was recently found deep underground at the construction of the new subway: pots, pans, pipes and art objects. Allard Pierson Museum is dedicated to international and Dutch cultural history and offers an educational trip for the whole family. The beautiful building once was the richest in town: […]

Green day

This beautiful green place is almost four hundred years old and was built as a nursery garden for herbs for pharmacists and doctors in the city.

Cool off on Museum Square

When the weather is nice, you can paddle in the shallow pond behind the Rijksmuseum (and when it freezes you can ice skate there). And if it rains and storms? Well, just go to the building next to it. The 125-year-old Zuiderbad is one of the most beautiful indoor swimming pools in the city.

‘I dream of painting and then paint my dream’

Art becomes art if it is different from anything that has been made before and if the painting, sculpture or photograph inspires people, making them happy or sad, creative or angry. Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous Dutch artists in history and perhaps the greatest painter of the 19th century. Unlike many […]

Special concerts for children

They say that everything sounds beautiful in the Concertgebouw (Concert Hall). Well, let’s try that out. In this beautiful building, special concerts are held for children. Sing along! There are even baby performances for the youngest. Come a bit early to walk around the building and admire the great classical corridors. Some of the greatest musicians […]

Russian art on Amstel river

This building with its large courtyard and attractive garden, Het Amstelhof, was until about 20 years ago used as a home for elderly Amsterdammers. Today, part of the collection of the famous museum The Hermitage of St. Petersburg in Russia is on display. Some paintings by the finest Dutch Masters can also be seen.

City of diamonds

If diamond is the hardest stone there is, how do you cut it into a beautiful shiny jewel? With diamond (powder)! Amsterdam was and is a real diamond city. Everywhere in the old Jewish quarter there were large and smaller polishing factories and shops where the most beautiful jewelry was sold. At Gassan Diamonds, which is […]

Anywhere the wind blows,..

The Netherlands is famous for its cheese, clogs and…….? Correct: windmills! Mills were used in the Netherlands to pump water away from the land, but also to grind things – such as grain to make bread. At de Zaanse Schans you can see some of the most beautiful of these structures on the Zaan river. Most ticket offices in […]

Train world

Do you also love trains? Then the Railway Museum in Utrecht is really something for you. Buy a ticket to board the most beautiful old trains, ride the exciting attractions and become assistant train driver for the day. The Railway Museum is located on the railway (of course) and you reach it fastest by train (of course!) […]

See your body from the inside

Let’s walk from the lungs to the heart through a large vein-corridor. Or no, wait: maybe first look inside the head to examine the brain. Corpus is a very special museum near Leiden where you are guided through the human body and learn everything about how everything works. You don’t often get the opportunity to […]

Flower power

Red, yellow, blue, white, with spots or without… At the Keukenhof you will see flowers, especially tulips, in all colors and types. This largest flower garden in the world is very special and worth a visit. There is a nice playground too and an animal meadow. It is located near Leiden, in the middle of […]

Madurodam, The Hague

What if you want to see everything in the Netherlands, but only have a few days? Then you simply go to the miniature city of Madurodam in Scheveningen, just outside The Hague. Cross an entire canal with a single step, walk along the most famous buildings in the country… but do look out for the […]

Simply the best fun park

The best amusement park in the world is in the Netherlands. And it’s not just us who say that, but also researchers who have been on just about every merry-go-round, roller coaster and haunted house on earth. The Efteling not only has exciting attractions, but also some beautiful fantasy worlds that are fun for all […]

Monkey business 

After a few days in Amsterdam, have you had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city for a while? In De Hoge Veluwe National Park you can cycle, walk and relax in the great outdoors. In this gigantic area, you will find dunes, forests and beautiful flower fields. Bring your binoculars to spot […]

Monkey business 

After a few days in Amsterdam, have you had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city for a while? In De Hoge Veluwe National Park you can cycle, walk and relax in the great outdoors. In this gigantic area, you will find dunes, forests and beautiful flower fields. Bring your binoculars to spot […]

Knights and writers

The Netherlands does not have many real castles. But between Utrecht and Den Bosch you will find one of the most beautiful: Slot Loevestein. This castle, built between a series of rivers in the 14th century, was home to brave knights and noble women. But it was also used as a prison for rebellious politicians […]

Serving pancakes since 1876

Hansje en Grietje (Hansel and Gretel), which is opposite the entrance to the Rijksmuseum, has been serving pancakes for nearly 150 years to hungry museum visitors. They must be doing something right. To make sure you have a table, make a reservation.

The Nine Little Streets

The most beautiful small shops have been here since the 17th century. Mint Mini Mall (Runstraat 27) sells backpacks, slippers, jackets and gifts. Game Keeper on the Hartenstraat is a specialty store focused on board games and souvenirs. On the corner of Berenstraat, the second-hand store, Episode, has a collection of the craziest fancy dress […]

Little Bernie helps Mastercard’s partner WFP delivering school meals

Food is not only tasty but it also provides you with energy throughout the day and is needed to stay healthy and grow. Hopefully you don’t have to worry about having some healthy food on your plate every day. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. For more at-risk communities in countries impoverished by […]

Little Bernie lands in Amsterdam

It’s been quite a trip, but today Little Bernie finally lands in Amsterdam. With a big presentation in Het Groote Museum in ARTIS Zoo, the journey through the city begins for this remarkable flying octopus and his friends Hannah the heron, François the sea horse and starfish Okidoki. Share in his discoveries and the stories […]

Tour the harbour for free

The history of Amsterdam has largely unfolded in the harbour. Several tour boats depart from the station and elsewhere in the city and take you through the centre and across ’t IJ in an hour. But you can also go to the North of Amsterdam by ferry for free. The longest and most attractive trip is […]

See the sea stories

Beautiful model ships, original cannons, swords, pistols and other weaponry, as well as impressive paintings of naval battles…. Swashbuckling times from the 17th century come to life in Amsterdam’s Scheepvaartmuseum (maritime museum), which has the second largest collection of maritime objects in the world.  The Netherlands ruled the world’s seas then, and her greatest naval […]

Art & Nature

A beautifully designed English garden, with art, historical artifacts (such as the arch around the corner on the western side of the museum) and even a little pond. The garden of Rijksmuseum is free to visit and a great place to enjoy a stroll or a moment of rest.

A flower on Zeedijk

Well… here’s a building you did not expect in the centre of Amsterdam. This Buddhist temple is called The Lotus Flower in Chinese and was built for the large Asian community in the area. As you pass by, you catch the scent of incense. Inside, there are beautiful golden statues.

Overlooking everything

This is the largest church with the highest tower in Amsterdam. Visit the church in the morning when the sunlight shines through the large windows. Enjoy the spectucular view from Westertoren in the digital tour.

Best hamburger restaurant

At the bottom of A’DAM Toren you will find one of the best hamburger restaurants in Amsterdam, where you can choose from 18 different sandwiches. Our favourite drink: a big milkshake! Chose from one of many exciting flavours. The Butcher serves a great vegan burger.

Most famous bridge

It isn’t the biggest or most important bridge, nor was it the most expensive to build. Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge), however, is the most famous one.

Big, small and invisible creatures

Beautifully coloured birds that fly back and forth. Dangerous crocodiles waiting with their mouth wide open for a tasty bite to land on their tongue. Playful monkeys jumping from one play instrument to another. Large, impressive elephants, and slightly smaller adorable ones. Camels eating a bite. Owls, wolves, bats and bright pink birds on one […]

Row, row, row your boat

This adventure park is still in Amsterdam, but it will take you quite a while to get there. Het Woeste Westen (The Wild West) is divided into several islands, each with its own theme. Play hide and seek with other children on Weilandeiland, go rafting on a stream in the Watereiland and build a hut […]